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Charter Renewal Services

Analysis and interpretation of test results and other pertinent school data takes time that charter school personnel do not have.  Synergy would provide structure and reminders to move the charter accountability and renewal process to completion.  Let us help!


For those renewing in 2016

  • Overview of the application process district or state
  • Development of a timeline for all parts and requirement to submission
  • Development of part A of the carter renewal if necessary
  • Development of part B of the charter renewal
  • Analysis of student achievement data
  • Evidence collection for the additional performance goals in the current charter
  • Development of part C of the charter renewal to include mission
  • Editing of final application renewal package 

For those renewing in 2017

  • Development of annual monitoring reports including the Web EPSS requirements both district or state
  • Longitudinal progress data and evidence collection
  • Adjustments to current charter due to changing academic assessments
  • Development of charter amendments
  • With staff input, revising, updating, and editing of required school documents, handbooks, and plans including
  • Mission
  • Smart Goals
  • Individual School Policies

Assistance for schools considering a move from district to state authorization


Hourly and Project Fees Negotiable + New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax


All tasks are dependent on data provided.

Assistance does not insure renewal.

Work requested after submission will be considered a new contract.

Some parts of the charter renewal are the sol responsibility of the school.