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Charter Renewal Assistance

Charter Renewal on your mind?  We can help! 

We provide assistance for:

Development of Charter Renewal Applications (District or State)

Annual Charter School Monitoring Reports (WebEPSS) Requirements)

Analysis and Presentation of Student Achievement Data and Other Measures Stated in Your Charter Goals

Our Services:

  • Charter Renewal Applications
  • Analysis & Presentation of Student Achievement Data & Other Measures Stated in Charter Goals
  • Assisting with CSD Annual Charter Monitoring Reports (WebEPSS)
  • Editing of Final Applications
  • Assistance with Charter Amendment Requests
  • Assistance with Development of Mission-Specific Indicators/Goals Proposed for Contract Negotiations
  • Assistance for District Schools Considering a Move to State Authorization


Our knowledge of data displays and decision-making comes from recent involvement with several individual schools and districts, where decision-making after data were collected and presented in an effort to determine strengths and areas of improvement in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

  • Charter School Renewal Services
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  • Research
  • TESA Training
  • Professional Development
  • EdChats
  • School Profiles
  • School Improvement Plans